No other has a range to match SAMMIMIS Turkish Towels. All towels are the same size, but they differ in weight (thickness of cotton), which determines the softness and most of all absorbency. The “thicker” the towel the softer and more absorbent. With 4 different weights, you can choose the right towel for year-round enjoyment. You will not only appreciate the quality of the natural fibre but will be amazed time and time again by its versatility, be it for home, travels, sport, kids, beach or simply as a sarong, scarf or picnic blanket. We proudly display the weights of our towels and stand by our quality which make SAMMIMIS different from regular Turkish Towels. In addition, you can feel confident that our towels are 100% authentic Turkish cotton and vegetable dyes only, safe for use, for everyone. Better yet, the sand doesn’t stick to them!

Cote D’Azur 325g
9 Colours

Cassis 325g
6 Colours

Alanya 375g
9 Colours

Taormina 375g
8 Colours

Anello 625g
7 Colours

St Tropez
7 Colours

Santorini Bag
8 Colours

Gift Boxes
2 Styles