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SAMMIMIS accessories are designed to stand alone or to mix & match with any our towels and hooded towels to make the perfect matching set.  They make a great gift idea for loved ones who will love the high quality and versatility.


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POROS Maxi Wet Bag: Royal Blue/WhitePOROS Maxi Wet Bag: Royal Blue/White
POROS Maxi Wet Bag: Sea Green/WhitePOROS Maxi Wet Bag: Sea Green/White
POROS Maxi Wet Bag: Navy/WhitePOROS Maxi Wet Bag: Navy/White
POROS Maxi Wet Bag: Denim/WhitePOROS Maxi Wet Bag: Denim/White
POROS Maxi Wet Bag: Coral/WhitePOROS Maxi Wet Bag: Coral/White
POROS Maxi Wet Bag: Hot Pink/WhitePOROS Maxi Wet Bag: Hot Pink/White
POROS Maxi Wet Bag: Judas Purple/WhitePOROS Maxi Wet Bag: Judas Purple/White
POROS Maxi Wet Bag: Aqua/WhitePOROS Maxi Wet Bag: Aqua/White
POROS Maxi Wet Bag: Pink/WhitePOROS Maxi Wet Bag: Pink/White
POROS Maxi Wet Bag: Charcoal/WhitePOROS Maxi Wet Bag: Charcoal/White
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Sea Green/Royal BlueMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Sea Green/Royal Blue
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Pink/RedMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Pink/Red
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Pink/DenimMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Pink/Denim
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Navy/BeigeMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Navy/Beige
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Navy/Silver GreyMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Navy/Silver Grey
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Navy/RedMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Navy/Red
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Aqua/Royal BlueMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Aqua/Royal Blue
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Pink/CoralMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Pink/Coral
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Denim/WhiteMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Denim/White
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Sea Green/WhiteMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Sea Green/White
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Pink/WhiteMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Pink/White
MAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Royal Blue/Sea GreenMAYO Swimsuit Wet Bag: Royal Blue/Sea Green
SANTORINI Bag: Denim/PinkSANTORINI Bag: Denim/Pink
SANTORINI Bag: Charcoal/WhiteSANTORINI Bag: Charcoal/White
SANTORINI Bag: Navy/WhiteSANTORINI Bag: Navy/White
SANTORINI Bag: Sea Green/WhiteSANTORINI Bag: Sea Green/White
SAMMIMIS Beach Bag Navy Sea GreenSANTORINI Bag: Navy/Sea Green
SANTORINI Bag: Aqua/WhiteSANTORINI Bag: Aqua/White
SANTORINI Bag: Denim/WhiteSANTORINI Bag: Denim/White
SANTORINI Bag: Navy/BeigeSANTORINI Bag: Navy/Beige
SANTORINI Bag: Navy/MintSANTORINI Bag: Navy/Mint
SANTORINI Bag: Pink/White
SANTORINI Bag: Royal Blue/AquaSANTORINI Bag: Royal Blue/Aqua
SANTORINI Bag: Royal Blue/Sea GreenSANTORINI Bag: Royal Blue/Sea Green
ST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Pink/Denim BlueST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Pink/Denim Blue
ST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Navy/Sea GreenST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Navy/Sea Green
ST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Aqua/NavyST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Aqua/Navy
ST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Brown Beige/BeigeST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Brown Beige/Beige
ST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Navy/BeigeST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Navy/Beige
ST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Ice Blue/OrangeST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Ice Blue/Orange
ST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Navy/RedST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Navy/Red
ST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Sea Green/Royal BlueST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Sea Green/Royal Blue
ST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Silver Grey/Royal BlueST TROPEZ Beach Bag: Silver Grey/Royal Blue
IOS Mini Wet Bag: Aqua/WhiteIOS Mini Wet Bag: Aqua/White
IOS Mini Wet Bag: Sea Green/WhiteIOS Mini Wet Bag: Sea Green/White
IOS Mini Wet Bag: Royal Blue/WhiteIOS Mini Wet Bag: Royal Blue/White
IOS Mini Wet Bag: Navy/WhiteIOS Mini Wet Bag: Navy/White
IOS Mini Wet Bag: Mint/WhiteIOS Mini Wet Bag: Mint/White