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Sneak Peak of 2024 Collection. While Stock Lasts. Exclusively Designed Turkish Towels, Hooded Towels, and Beach Bags. Limited Edition Collection.

SAMMIMIS's New Arrivals, where style meets functionality, A spectrum of new neutral and earthy tones to bold and vibrant shades to suit everyone. Whether you're at the beach, pool, or on holiday experience the benefits of our lightweight, sand-free, and compact designs that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.

 We're thrilled to unveil this new collection – here's to a stylish and unforgettable summer ahead.

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MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Charcoal/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Charcoal/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Navy/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Navy/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Marine Mint/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Marine Mint/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Denim Blue/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Denim Blue/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Sage/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Sage/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Cornflower Blue/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Cornflower Blue/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Sky Blue/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Sky Blue/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Lilac/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Lilac/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Hot Pink/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Hot Pink/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Peony Pink/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Peony Pink/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Coral/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Coral/White
MYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Sand/WhiteMYKONOS | Classic | 275G: Sand/White
TASSOS Kids Mermaid Swim Coverup: Hot Pink/NaturalTASSOS Kids Mermaid Swim Coverup: Hot Pink/Natural
TASSOS Kids Shark Swim Coverup: Navy/NaturalTASSOS Kids Shark Swim Coverup: Navy/Natural
SKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Charcoal/NaturalSKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Charcoal/Natural
SKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Navy/NaturalSKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Navy/Natural
SKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Marine Mint/NaturalSKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Marine Mint/Natural
SKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Sage/NaturalSKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Sage/Natural
SKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Denim Blue/NaturalSKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Denim Blue/Natural
SKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Sand/NaturalSKYROS | Luxury | 375G: Sand/Natural
MENORCA Kids Terry Swim Coverup: Pink/Lilac/PurpleMENORCA Kids Terry Swim Coverup: Pink/Lilac/Purple
MENORCA Kids Terry Swim Coverup: Navy/Red/DenimMENORCA Kids Terry Swim Coverup: Navy/Red/Denim
SORRENTO Adult Hooded Towel: Charcoal/NaturalSORRENTO Adult Hooded Towel: Charcoal/Natural
SORRENTO Adult Hooded Towel Plus Size: Charcoal/NaturalSORRENTO Adult Hooded Towel Plus Size: Charcoal/Natural
CHIOS Adult Cap Sleeve Hooded Towel: Charcoal/NaturalCHIOS Adult Cap Sleeve Hooded Towel: Charcoal/Natural
CORFU Jumbo Canvas Bag: CharcoalCORFU Jumbo Canvas Bag: Charcoal
CORFU Jumbo Canvas Bag: Denim BlueCORFU Jumbo Canvas Bag: Denim Blue
CORFU Jumbo Canvas Bag: SandCORFU Jumbo Canvas Bag: Sand
CORFU Jumbo Canvas Bag: SageCORFU Jumbo Canvas Bag: Sage
MYKONOS Bag With Piping: Hot Pink/WhiteMYKONOS Bag With Piping: Hot Pink/White
MYKONOS Bag With Piping: Marine Mint/WhiteMYKONOS Bag With Piping: Marine Mint/White
MYKONOS Bag With Piping: Navy/WhiteMYKONOS Bag With Piping: Navy/White
MYKONOS Bag With Piping: Sky Blue/WhiteMYKONOS Bag With Piping: Sky Blue/White