SAMMIMIS Tunic and Cover-Ups come in two different styles. Both styles are made of the SAMMIMIS signature 100% COTTON and are not transparent. The AMALFI Sundress is essentially a dress made from loomed Turkish towel material.  The MONTE CARLO Tunic is 100% cotton textile material. The breathable, relaxed, yet sophisticated design has a loose/comfortable fit and nice length which makes it perfect for resort and cruise wear, the beach, pool, shops or your local café.

5 Ways SAMMIMIS Tunic Cover-Ups Help You Navigate Beach and Everyday Life

The SAMMIMIS white beach tunic is the perfect playmate for a beach-day or a day around town. Made from 100% cotton and designed with you and your unique lifestyle in mind, these summer style are meant to complement your every day. Lightweight and breathable, this tunic top can be worn as a cover-up while strolling in the sun or padding about the house, curling up with a movie on a rainy day. Wherever your day takes you, plan to go there dressed in the easy style of SAMMIMIS women’s tunic dress. You’ll enjoy the feel of its pure cotton, perfect for lounging around in — at home, at the beach or on your travels around the city. That’s all it takes to go from beach bum to evening-ready.

A Lifestyle Choice

Whether you’re a child of the sea or a sun-worshipper, these women’s tunic and cover-ups are the quintessential accessory. Smart and simple in design, makes it easy for you to use as resort wear or use it in your everyday summer wardrobe as a go anywhere piece.

Loose fitting, comfortable and made of 100% cotton, you’ll delight in donning this sophisticated yet casual number when getting out of the water, at the beach or the pool. Wearers of the SAMMIMIS are into living a lifestyle that is full of ease and joy. They delight in the fact that they can move through their day, from chores at home to an afternoon lunch in a single piece. The ladies cover-ups act as a sun protection cover up and also feature additional hooded detailing, much like the SAMMIMIS Turkish towels. So go ahead, wear it on vacation, while at a resort, or as a resort cover-up through the whole day. Go from breakfast to lunch at a moment’s notice. You can also opt to use the SAMMIMIS collection of tunics as a cotton beach cover-up or simply as a shorter dress with a pair of tights for an afternoon coffee with friends. Your lifestyle, done your way: that’s what SAMMAMIS tunics and cover-ups are all about.

Leave the Change of Clothes Behind

Swap out the the packed contents of your spacious and generous SAMMIMIS St Tropez bag, full of towels, sunscreen, flip-flops and a change of clothes, for just one incredibly absorbent, 100% cotton Turkish towel and one swimsuit tunic or cover-up dress for when you’re done splashing about. Life just got a whole lot less cluttered, right?

Well, the intention behind the design of the SAMMIMIS long sleeve tunic and cover-ups is precisely that. We wanted to start with a loose-fitting yet well-structured piece that would be as comfortable being worn as a swimsuit cover-up for post-beach events and evenings out as it would be wearing it around your home. Could there be a piece that exuded style and yet welcomed the wearer to indulge in ample relaxation? Well this is the answer to that. Thanks to its incredibly flexible design and highly adaptable materials, it encourages you to pack light and indulge your minimalist tendencies.

As far as tunics and cover-ups go, the SAMMIMIS women’s swim cover-ups make for delightful travel companions, with an always-trendy horizontal stripe print or a simple block colour of your choice from white, pink, light blue or navy. Conveniently available in all sizes including plus sizes. Its design looks flattering and the design in plus size beach cover up is longer in length providing more cover. Choose to style this as a tunic beach top over a pair of denim short-shorts. This is one swim cover-up dress you can wear to the pool, on vacation or while on a travel trekking adventure. SAMMIMIS beach cover-up dresses accommodate layered outfits and complement all body types. They are a truly comfortable and stylish plus size swim cover-up.

Transitional and Trendy

Nothing is as transitional as pure cotton. And, nothing says, “It’s summer and I’m on vacation, expect an out-of-office reply!” like cotton. That’s why we’ve crafted this Turkish cotton beach cover-up from a premium, soft weave of 100% cotton. From our Turkish towels, soft to the touch and super-absorbent, to casual and chic Santorini bags, SAMMIMIS gives cotton a special job to do: help you look great and pack smart.

The weave knit helps to absorb any extra wetness and moisture, keeping you dry while the cotton keeps you cool and protected from the sun. If you plan to skip the sunscreen for the day or you’ve simply forgotten it, don’t fret! The SAMMIMIS dresses are designed as a beachdress cover-up for those days when the heat is at its peak. To help you mix and match and pair these women’s swimsuit cover-ups with any casual bottoms of your choice — Capri pants? Boy shorts? Bikini bottoms? The choice is yours! — we opted to use the always classic horizontal stripe. To help you make it yours, however, we’ve imagined six quintessential colours for you: snappy mint, serene sky blue, elegant royal blue, easy denim blue, and the classic charcoal black stripe. If you’re looking for a black beach cover-up that doesn’t instantly soak up the sun like most black cover-ups, the SAMMIMIS swim dresses are a game changer. For those looking for something classic The SAMMIMIS beach dress range made from pure cotton, light and classy looks in pink, light blue, white and an elegant navy.

Go from Home-Body to Beach-Ready or Boho-Traveller

Think about the miles you put on your travel gear and the wear and tear of your everyday clothes. Now imagine having a piece so easy to wear, you can simply pull it over what you’re already wearing; a piece so durable, it can be exposed to countless washes and hours of the bleaching effects of the sun and not lose its shape or colour. And a piece so sustainable; it actually uses textile vegetable dye to keep colours bright and vibrant and to reduce your footprint while you’re at it.

SAMMIMIS’s long swimsuit cover-ups are fast becoming the ultimate wardrobe staple. They allow you to experience a lifestyle that has comfort and joy at its very core. Moving along with your busy day and wrapping you up cosily when you’re ready to plunk down with a good book, the SAMMIMIS breathes and flows in tune with you. Yet, it’s the perfect travel companion. Once you’ve pulled it over you that first time and popped up the easy, protective hood, you’ll wonder how you ever imagined beach days — or, indeed, traveling at all —  without it. While these are cheap beach cover-ups in price point, the design and premium quality materials chosen specifically for its construction definitely set these bathing suit cover-ups as a class apart.

Generally, swimwear cover-ups are too busy, have too many prints or are crafted of nylon, chiffon or a material with large, hole-like weaves. While this keeps the funk-factor alive, it reduces the overall function. SAMMIMIS products all demonstrate a keen balance between fashion and function. With this line of women’s beach cover-ups, we wanted to continue this focus. Begin your day as a home-body before embracing that easy beach-vibe. Then, channel your adventure-traveller and get ready to explore in comfort. And, when you’re ready, head back to the beach. Or keep the feeling alive all day, and all through your travels, with the quintessential SAMMIMIS tunic and cover-up dresses.

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