SAMMIMIS Hooded Towels come in kids and adult version. All of them are made of SAMMIMIS signature 100% COTTON. The AMALFI kids and adult hooded Turkish towel is essentially made from the loomed Turkish towel material, lightweight, absorbent, fast drying and breathable. The MENORCA kids and POSITANO terry/zip hooded towel is smooth Turkish towel on the outside and terry lined on the inside – warmer and more absorbent, yet lightweight. The most amazing products you won’t find anywhere else… in the world!

Why SAMMIMIS Hooded Towels Are Your Best Options for the Pool or Beach

Whether you like water sports, surfing, playing in the sea, or swimming laps in the pool, SAMMIMIS adult and kids Hooded Towels are a great alternative to a typical towel. Made from 100% cotton, our Turkish towels and towel products are wonderfully lightweight and feel deliciously soft on your skin. They also protect you from the sun’s damaging rays and keep you cosy while you dry without making you restrictive or hot.

Here’s why our adult and kids Hooded Towels are a much better option than a towel for you and the kids, before and after you get out of the water.

Getting Changed on the Beach

It can be so tricky getting changed in or out of swimwear in a public place while trying to be discrete and keep yourself covered. Our adult and kids Hooded Towel make it much easier to slip your swimwear or wetsuit on or off without revealing more than you intended. No more awkward wriggling manoeuvres with a beach towel wrapped around your torso, which could slip off at any moment! The adult and kids Hooded Towels are made from SAMMIMIS signature 100% light cotton with a loose weave and a generous neckline, making it easy to slip over your head.

Relax While You Dry

With a Hooded Towel, there is no rubbing or patting. You can just sit back and relax while the towel absorbs excess moisture from your hair and body and you dry off naturally. The weave of our hooded towels means they dry in a short amount of time. Head, back, shoulders, neck, arms, hips and thighs are protected from the sun’s harmful rays, so you and the kids can rest assured you won’t be damaging your skin while you are enjoying those sunny summer days.

In between trips to the pool, beach or even your local cafe, use your SAMMIMIS Hooded Towel even at home. You or your dids will love using them after a bath or relaxing in their Hooded Towel in place of a bathrobe. And after your trip to the beach or pool, simply keep your SAMMIMIS Hooded Towel on at home to keep fresh during those summer months.

Great for the Kids and adults alike

The feedback we have received from mums who have purchased our SAMMIMIS Kids Hooded Towels is that this is the product they have been searching high and low for. The reason is that it covers their little ones without making them hot. It also dries them and protects them from the sun while they play. You or the kids could even wear the Hooded Towel to and from the beach or pool, so you have one less thing to carry or pack in your bag.

Mums have told us that they often avoid giving their children towels when they swim as they so often lose them. SAMMIMIS Hooded Towels can be worn to and from the beach or pool. Unless they want to leave the pool wearing just their bathers, kids only have to remember to put their Hooded Towel back on when they leave, which is a lot easier than remembering a towel that’s lying around somewhere.

Our Amalfi Kids Hooded Towels are available in children’s sizes, from toddler to older children, and currently available in four colours: Aqua, Coral, Hot Pink and Royal Blue. But stay in touch, as rest assured more colour combos are always in the making! They are wonderfully soft so little ones won’t complain about scratchy material on their delicate skin.

But probably the best bit is that they are so easy to pop on after a swimming lesson, a session in the pool, or when playing on the beach. Kids will hardly notice they are wearing their Hooded Towel. It won’t slip off into the sand or the water and they will be warm, dry, and sun-safe. As all parents know, if the kids are happy, everyone can be happy.

Nothing but C O TT O N

SAMMIMIS adult hooded towel became popular over night because of their beachy and quality looks, the lightness, softness, the fact it has a hood and long arms without feeling restrictive but most of all because they are made of nothing but 100% COTTON! Better yet, they are dyed with safe vegetable dye, so everyone is happy and safe.

An addition to a Turkish towel

With our Hooded Towels, there is plenty of towelling fabric to dry arms, legs, face and body. If it’s a breezy day, you will be warm and cosy after your swim or surf. If you’re looking for a warmer towel, the Menorca kids hooded towel has 100% Turkish cotton terry lining inside. Terry towelling on the inside ensures a superior drying experience. The Menorca is still light enough to wear without feeling weighed down.

The Perfect Solution for Wet Hair

Adult or kids Hooded Towels means no more wet hair dripping down your back making you feel cold and uncomfortable. Simply wear the hood and the soft cotton material will absorb excess moisture and keep hair protected from the elements while it dries. The hoods on our garments are deliberately cut to be over-sized to protect delicate little faces.

Look Good on the Beach – or in the Cafe

Perfect for summer, the adult hooded towel is made in lightweight breathable cotton for comfort before and after your swim or just to wear around the house in summer or to wear to your local café. Featuring horizontal stripes, it has been designed with a loose fit to flatter your figure and provide maximum cover-up. Choose from Mint, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Denim Blue and Charcoal or stay in touch as there are always new colours in the pipeline. Wear it on the beach, beside the pool, or even to your local cafe. The adult hooded towel or you could get away with calling it a beach dress and towel in one, so you transition from swimming time to lunchtime with ease. The characteristics of the material mean the SAMMIMIS Hooded Towel dries quickly and keeps you looking relaxed and sophisticated all day.

Easy to Wash and Dry

When it comes to swimwear, beachwear and summer clothes, you want towels and garments that are easy to care for and won’t look old and faded after the first few washes.

Here at SAMMIMIS our products are pre-washed, so shrinkage is not an option. We are focused on producing the best in everything we do, whether its towels, hooded towels, beach bags, wet swimsuit bags, throws and many more, quality is our value #1. Our products are traditionally loomed and hand-finished in rural Turkey, so they are the best quality you can buy. All our products are certified by Oeko-TEX, a German certification for confidence in textiles, and every item is made of the highest quality Turkish cotton and dyed with safe vegetable dye.

We recommend that you wash your Hooded Towels, Turkish towels, throws, beach bags under 40 degrees with your usual detergent and no softener. Hang them up to dry and don’t put them in the tumble dryer. You won’t need to tumble dry your SAMMIMIS product since they dry super-fast.

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