Two weeks ago I spoke with a woman who inspired me to change my life in so many positive ways I made a list to keep up. That’s not enough for Dana Beament though. She’s seen enough of the world to want to change that too!

After escaping with her family from the former communist Czechoslovakia under the false name “Nina”, life for 11 year old Dana in West Germany wasn’t as easy as hoped. Dana was sent to a school for less academically inclined children but battled the social stigma to earn respect through discipline, perseverance, self confidence and most of all, through tennis!


Successfully competing in many prestigious German tournaments presented Dana with one of her most precious life lessons. Life is what you make it!

Now living in Australia, Dana has made a wonderful life as a wife and mother, founder and owner of the enormously successful UGGYS. She’s happy, but frustrated!  Frustrated by the things she’s seen and experienced in her well travelled life and frustrated by the band aid fixes that peel off while the wound still festers. She’s frustrated by poverty, crime, racial and social inequities and most of all, she’s frustrated by organisations throwing money at the problems rather than treating them at the cause.

Change starts with one person but it takes many to change the world so Dana has founded a new company to help her global vision “support life learning for a positive today” become a reality.

SAMMIMIS Turkish cotton towels are traditionally loomed and hand finished in rural Turkey by families that have been looming for generations. They are artisans in a dying craft and while Dana is passionate about keeping this tradition alive, her frustrations are compelling her to “pay it forward”.

Together we can move lives to a healthier, happier place and with proceeds from every SAMMIMIS bundle sold supporting inspirational not for profit foundation, BLUEARTH, that’s exactly what we’ll do!

Bluearth makes a difference to the lives of thousands of Aussie kids and adults alike everyday promoting active living across communities to build a healthier Australia one day at a time.

Tennis made a life for Dana. Consider the difference SAMMIMIS can make to the life of others!

Anne Marie, Sydney.