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Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about SAMMIMIS products and services. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us.

Anything and everything you have ever wanted to know about Turkish cotton towels.

Once an important part of the Hammams (Turkish baths) culture and greatly favoured by the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

Turkish towels, also commonly known as Peshtemals or Foutas, are popular for their lightweight, absorbency, fast drying and large size. Traditionally a flat woven towel, however, due to its characteristics Turkish towels are very versatile and can be used for so much more.

The beauty of SAMMIMIS Turkish towels is they are a life accessory for where-ever inspiration takes you. You can take your SAMMIMIS Turkish towels anywhere and use it for anything – as a scarf, sarong, picnic blanket, table cloth, beach, pool or bath towels.

Many of our customers have replaced their traditional towels with SAMMIMIS Turkish towels after realising that Turkish towels do the same but better. They are lighter but absorbent, fold very small, are more versatile and are available in many happy colours, thicknesses and weaves. SAMMIMIS Turkish towels become your ultimate life accessory and help you to live a lighter life.

The honest answer is: Anything and everything and the longer you own one the more creative you become and fall in love with its versatility. Initially our customers buy SAMMIMIS Turkish towels instinctively as a beach towel or something practical and light they take on travels. Once our customers start using the SAMMIMIS Turkish towels, they return to buy more for themselves, friends and family as a gift, because they realise how versatile they are and that everything they have heard about SAMMIMIS is true . There is a very interesting blog article that givesyou ideas as to what you can do with a SAMMIMIS Turkish towel. Happy reading!

Whilst Egyptian cotton is known for its absorbency and is perfect for bed linen the strands are long and thick but also very dense and absorb a lot of water but also hold water for longer which can create a heavy wet towel that takes forever to dry especially in humid climates.

Turkish Cotton has extra-long fibres which can be loomed to a light, absorbent, and fast drying towel. The more you wash Turkish cotton towels the softer and more absorbent they become.No fluff guaranteed! And no musty smells either.

Yes, we do. From October – January we have pop-up stores in main shopping centers around Australia. Please check our Locations

Yes! Very absorbent even though they don’t look it. Imagine like your tea towel but much softer and bigger.They absorb about three times their weight  & dry three times faster than a normal towel. Brilliant!

All of our towels are traditionally loomed in rural Turkey by beautiful locals who have been looming Turkish towels for generations. The owner of SAMMIMIS Turkish towels, Dana Beament, took her family and personally inspected the manufacturing facility. We can genuinely say that the manufacturing facility has happy people looming SAMMIMIS Turkish towels because they are being looked after in a clean, light and family like environment. The manufacturing facility also complies with ISO regulations.

Almost, any difference is possible due to the looming process. But generally speaking they are all the same size but different weights. The size guide is 185 cm x 90 cm. Our round towels are 150 x 150 cm.

SAMMIMIS are coloured with safe natural vegetable dyes and meet the standards presently established for baby articles. SAMMIMIS Turkish towels are certified by the highly regarded German textile certification Oeko-Tex.

The tests for harmful substances cover legally banned and controlled chemicals known to be harmful to the health. Taken in their entirety, the requirements go far beyond existing national legislation. The OEKO-TEX® testing for harmful substances is always geared towards how the textile will actually be used. The more closely the product is in contact with the skin, the stricter the human ecology requirements that it must meet. A distinction is made between four product classes: Product class I: textile articles for babies and toddlers up to 3 years old (clothing, toys, bedding, towels etc.) Product class II: textiles used close to the skin (underwear, bedding, T-shirts etc.) Product class III: textiles used away from the skin (jackets, coats etc.) Product class IV: furnishing materials (curtains, tablecloths, upholstery etc.)

Confidence in textiles certification means SAMMIMIS are responsibly made with no harmful substances. SAMMIMIS are coloured with safe natural vegetable dyes and meet the standards presently established for baby articles.

No, our SAMMIMIS are colour safe. Colours might fade if left extensively in the sun light or if in contact with chlorine or bleach.

You can use your SAMMIMIS straight away without having to wash them. Over time they become softer and more luxurious with washing. Here’s how to wash your beauties.

  • Tighten all tassels before your first wash
  • Wash before use to soften and improve absorbency
  • Normal wash under 40 degrees with usual detergent
  • Ensure your 40 degrees wash program does less than 800 spins a minute
  • No bleach (This will bleach the colours)
  • No softener (Fabric softeners leave residue on the fibers that decrease the absorbency)
  • Do not wash your towels with other clothes that have zips, clips or other items that may catch, especially with the Taormina and Alanyatowel ranges which have a looser weave. This is to avoid pulled threads.
  • Add one cup of white vinegar to the wash periodically to remove residue and improve absorbency.

No tumble dryer. Our Turkish cotton towels dry superfast on their own!

Pulled Threads
If your Turkish Towel has snagged and pulled out threads, you can pull around the pulled thread like you would if you pulled a thread in your knitted jumper. Place the towel on a table using your palms moving away from each other to smooth the pulled thread area gently.

Unravelled Tassels:
We recommend to tighten the tassels before your first wash. Don’t worry, they can be re-tied. The tassels are hand knotted and can, with use, become unravelled. Simply divide into two sections and twist each section clockwise till fully twisted. Take each section and wrap around each other in an anti-clockwise direction till fully twisted around each other. Tie a knot at the end of tassel. Note: Once unravelled re-tight tassels won’t look the same as new.

Yes! SAMMIMIS are so lightweight, they are more energy-efficient than a typical terry towel. They don’t need washing as often. And when it comes time to wash them, they take much less space in the washer and dry quickly without the need of a dryer.

We guarantee that you won’t find a better quality than the one from SAMMIMIS. Why are we so sure? We hear it from our customers who purchase from our pop-up stores around Australia: “I have a Turkish towel, but your quality is visibly better and mine was more expensive!”. Or “Your towels feel much thicker and better”. We travelled to Turkey to assure our products are made by the best and in best practice. We guarantee our Turkish towels are actually made 100% in Turkey, made of 100% Turkish cotton, dyed 100% with safe and natural vegetable dye and therefore SAMMIMIS Turkish towels are certified by the highly regarded German Oeko-Tex certification. And if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can send your purchase back for a refund.

With SAMMIMIS Turkish towels you’ll get the best value for money. Our price range is determined by the weight of each style = the more cotton content the higher the price the more luxurious is the product. Our standard prices guarantee high quality in each style, every product is made in Turkey, dyed with safe and harmless dyes, different weaves and patterns and last but not least we offer our customers tier-pricing that discounts products as soon as you buy multiples.

Like everything it depends how you look after them, SAMMIMIS Turkish Towels are premium quality second to none and with the right love and care you will have a towel to enjoy for a very long time.

This might sound cliché but we honestly and genuinely guarantee you won’t find better quality Turkish towels than SAMMIMIS Turkish towels. Let’s look at the facts: 100% made/loomed Ethically in Turkey, 100% made with Turkish cotton – no blend of nylon, or synthetic, guaranteed, 100% dyed with safe vegetable dye hence certified by the highly regarded Oeko-Tex certification. On top of that, SAMMIMIS Turkish towels come in many different weights (the heavier, the more cotton, the more absorbent, the more luxurious), weaves, colour combination – unique difference to the SAMMIMIS brand.

On top of that at SAMMIMIS we are personable, down to earth, have a positive attitude and live by our values.

No. Our SAMMIMIS Turkish towels keep their size wash after wash. Those styles with special weaves are pre-washed to assure no shrinkage.

Beach, picnic blanket, Travel, Sarong, Wrap, scarf or head wrap, lumber support when seated, pool chair saver, sarong or cover up, pillow, laundry bag, sun saver, throw rug, blanket, baby blanket, breastfeeding cover, gift for baby shower, Christmas, birthday and more read here


SAMMIMIS ranges – with even more choice within a weight there may be different weaves which creates a different feel and may dictate the uses.
Weight– This is the amount of cotton used in each towel. The heavier the more cotton used. The more cotton the more absorbent and softer they become.


The Classic weave, also known as the cross twill weave is a strong cotton weave with closely woven threads in a simple criss-cross pattern. The Classic weave as in the Santorini, Cassis and Cote D’Azur range and like most Turkish towels this is a flat tightly woven weave. To make this weave feel softer we use thicker yarn for the Cassis and Cote D’Azur ranges. This is a lightweight, cool weave with a smooth and silky finish. Once washed this weave plumps up making your SAMMIMIS softer and feeling thicker.

The Diamond weave also called broken lozenge twill or simply diamond weave.This weave is premium weight and breathable. Our diamond weave has been loomed loser than the classic weave making it feel very soft and giving it luxurious look. You’ll find the diamond weave in our Alanya range. The pattern/structure lends itself to be very versatile and can be used for anything from a wrap to a throw rug.

The Taormina weave. This weave is called rips and a very special weave that is specific to our Taormina range – 375g. It’s beautiful to touch, is soft and due to its luxury looks, is often used as a corporate gift. The Taormina weave is pre-washed assuring no shrinkage due to its weave structure.

The Herringbone weave is a diagonal weave with a pattern resembling a reversing zigzag or a fish skeleton (which is where the name “herringbone” comes from). This weave is more water resistant than plain weaves, so herringbone fabrics dry quickly and are easy to iron. Herringbone has a smooth feel, textured warmth, a soft drape and occasionally a slight sheen. The Herringbone weave you’ll find in our round towel range. Herringbone weave is used in a product to make them more substantial, like the round towel that might be used for the beach or as a picnic rug.

Colour – this comes down to person preference or personality J But the good thing is SAMMIMIS has put together “What colour are you?” so see for yourself this guide will help you to decide.

Shape and Size
Shape #1: The traditional towel is rectangle shape. All towels vary slightly in size, however, the size guide for the rectangle shape is 185 x 90 cm.

Shape #2: The round towel in 150 x 150 cm

The beauty of SAMMIMIS is that whilst they are all super versatile with having a range of weights, weaves colours and shapes you can be sure to find the perfect present or the ideal one for you.

275gm $40 – Santorini and Santorini double – Also called “The Classic” range.
The originals made with the traditional flat Jacquard weave
Lightest of them all
Great for children and youth
Available in 11 bright colours
Can be used for beach, pool, travel, sport and more

325gm $50 – Cote D’Azur and Cassis – Also called “The Premium” range
Both made with the traditional flat Jacquard weave
Made with more cotton, hence softer, little heavier still feel as light as the Santorini
More absorbent than 275g towels
Very popular for those that love multiple colour combinations, with vibrant and happy colours. Age group that tends to buy this style: young kids, teens – 60
Great for beach, pool, travelling, throws, sarong & wrap, blanket, picnic and more

375gm $60 – Alayna and Taormina – Also called “The Luxury” range
Alayna made with a looser weave which creates an unparalleled softness and feel
Taormina is the only rage that is pre-washed to avoid shrinking after the first wash due to the special weave. Beautiful feel and absorbency guaranteed
These are our luxurious ranges with even more Turkish cotton and sophisticated weaves
when washed tend to crease less
Beautifully soft and superabsorbent yet light
Loved by luxury and quality conscious customers – more mature audience 30+
Equally great for bath, pool, travel, picnic, sport, throw, for home, beach and more

625gm $90 – AnelloRound Towel
Luxurious herringbone weave
Thicker yarn used than in the 275g, 325g and 375g ranges
Available in complimenting colours to our 275g, 325g and 375g ranges
A round towel that has a substantial feel yet is light
Great use for beach, picnic or as a rug at home
Loved by those between 14 – 45 years

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Day 2: Your order is in transit. Depending which shipping service you have chosen expect your delivery to arrive in 5-7 business days for economy service, 1-3 business days for express service.

Flat rate shipping explained.
It doesn’t matter how many products you buy in one order, we only charge you one flat rate shipping fee.

We make sure to remain in your local shopping Centre long enough, so you can exchange your items after the Christmas period. Due to the short period of time refunds are not available in our pop-up stores. We can, however, process a refund when you mail us the item in question. If you wish to exchange or return your purchase, please contact us on 1800 288 289 or you can view our Exchange and Return Policy here.

I want to come and see one of the pop up stores where can I find one? Please visit our Locations page to see when and where our pop-up stores are. SAMMIMIS operates November – January each year in different states and shopping centers. The location page is regularly updated for your convenience. Our Tip: Like us on Facebook and get the updates first-hand.

You certainly can. Please feel free to contact us on 1800 288 289 or email at [email protected]

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