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Australia’s Most Loved Turkish Towels

“Yours are softer” “The size of yours is perfect” “These are a really good quality” “I bought one from you the other day to try it, as I didn’t believe it would dry me, but they do so I am here to buy more as I love them!” “My friend has had these for years,

Welcome Caty Price!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to join the SAMMIMIS family. Owning a SAMMIMIS Turkish towel is one thing but SAMMIMIS are genuinely more than just a Turkish Towel company. They’re all about promoting a happy, healthy and authentic way of living which is so much of who I am.   To give

Did you know your SAMMIMIS Turkish Towel can be used more than 20 ways?

It’s Summer and the sun is shining. Time for being outdoors, laughing with family, treating our bodies with food but also loving it and honoring it with a walk in the sun, or a swim in the sea. We love this social and exciting time of the year and we take our SAMMIMIS everywhere we go.

Here are our top ways to use our SAMMIMIS this sunny season:

Life Is What You Make It

Life is a journey so while you’re on it, enjoy! It’s natural, colourful, beautiful, versatile, and so much easier with the ultimate life accessory for wherever your inspiration takes you.

SAMMIMIS…..Not Just A Turkish Towel

Here at SAMMIMIS, we believe that life is what you make it. We believe that Inspiration, Beauty and Versatility are the keys to a happy life so we’ve combined those three vital ingredients to give you the ultimate accessory for wherever your unique journey takes you.

Frustration…The catalyst for change

wo weeks ago I spoke with a woman who inspired me to change my life in so many positive ways I made a list to keep up. That’s not enough for Dana Beament though. She’s seen enough of the world to want to change that too!

SAMMIMIS, Not Just A Company … A Global Vision.

SAMMIMIS isn’t just a company, it’s a vehicle to breathe life into our Global Vision, our agent for change and it’s the singular intent behind every single thing we do.